Class StatTracker


public final class StatTracker
extends Object
Represents a statistic tracker for the bStats Metrics class. Any temporary data to do with bStats custom charts will be calculated here.
Parker Hawke - 2008Choco
  • Method Details

    • accumulateVeinMinedMaterial

      public void accumulateVeinMinedMaterial​(org.bukkit.Material material)
      Add one to the amount of mined blocks for the provided material.
      material - the material to accumulate
    • getVeinMinedCountAsData

      public Map<String,​Integer> getVeinMinedCountAsData()
      Get the data as a Map<String, Integer> for bStats. Note that the invocation of this method will result in previous data being cleared and reset back to 0. This should ONLY be invoked by bStats data collectors as to not mess up existing data.
      the readable bStats data
    • get

      public static StatTracker get()
      Get a singleton instance of the StatTracker.
      the stat tracker instance