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My name is Parker Hawke. I was born in Ontario and am a proud {age} year old Canadian currently living east of the Greater Toronto Area. Throughout my childhood I was taught to pursue my goals and work hard at everything I set my mind to, to continue to learn and to grow. I am currently enrolled in various post-secondary courses seeking to complete a certification in software development.


From the age of 7, programming had become a massive interest of mine. Starting with Lua and making my way up to more enterprise languages like Java (from early 2015) and Python (from early 2017), I was eager to learn more. I have a strong understanding of complex software design and development and am confident with languages including Java, Python, C++, JavaScript among others.


The game beloved by all, Minecraft, has become a large part of my life over the course of the last 8 - 9 years. After being a player for many years, as my interest in software development grew, my desire to mod the game was also growing and I began learning to write server-sided mods in February of 2015. I've continued to make mods since that day, exploring also client-sided modding.

My Minecraft Plugins