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DragonEggDrop allows you to customize exactly how the Ender Dragon battle will play out and how your players will be rewarded after it has been slain. Define custom loot tables (similar to Minecraft's entity loot tables), dragon templates, execute console commands for the top damagers and customize the particle effects on death of the dragon using complex math equations! No need to replace the crystals, the plugin will do this automatically and spectacularly for you!

This is a fantastic plugin for any server where the Ender Dragon combat is important and frequent. Grant your players that extra reward for their valiant efforts!


DragonEggDrop provides administrators with a massive collection of unique and flexible in-game commands to control how exactly the dragon should and will spawn. These commands are incredibly easy to use and let you manually take control of the dragon respawn process and which templates to use. All commands are pre-packaged with intelligent tab completion to make its use extremely easy, especially for a beginner.

For an in-depth list of all commands and their arguments provided by DragonEggDrop, visit the official SpigotMC resource page.

Permission Nodes

This plugin aims to be a drag-and-drop solution for most servers whether or not a permission management plugin is installed. While LuckPerms is recommended, players have access to everything they need to use this plugin saemlessly. If you so choose, every aspect of DragonEggDrop has a permission node including, but not limited to:

  • Every template (dynamically registered based on your templates!)
  • Access to administrative commands
  • Whether or not they override some configured values


This plugin is easily one of the most configurable plugins on the free market and allows you to customize everything down to the exact loot to generate when the dragon is slain using a powerful JSON-based loot table framework.

Not familiar with JSON and want to just use this plugin? Not to worry, DragonEggDrop comes with fair preset templates and loot tables. If you want to learn more about how to use the templates, see DragonEggDrop's wiki page where JSON is explained.

For an in-depth list of all configuration options provided by DragonEggDrop, visit the official SpigotMC resource page.

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