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VeinMiner allows players to mine an entire vein of ores whilst sneaking and breaking an ore. It will break the entire vein when only needing to break one ore. Much like the original Forge mod, there is an extremely powerful block list which can be modified in-game, as well as in the configuration file to determine which blocks and states are vein minable. The lists are separated by tools and can be grouped by aliases to allow for a more flexible and simplistic mining experience.

This is a fantastic perk for Prison, Factions and Semi-Vanilla servers that isn't overpowered, but still gives players a rewarding benefit for donating to your server.


VeinMiner provides administrators with a powerful set of in-game commands to modify how the plugin works at runtime. All commands are pre-packaged with intelligent tab completion to make its use extremely easy, especially for a beginner.

For an in-depth list of all commands and their arguments provided by VeinMiner, visit the official SpigotMC resource page.

Permission Nodes

This plugin aims to be a drag-and-drop solution for most servers whether or not a permission management plugin is installed. While LuckPerms is recommended, by default, all players have access to VeinMiner's functionality without direct access to the administrative commands (as they are reserved for operators). If you so choose, every aspect of VeinMiner has a permission node including, but not limited to:

  • Each individual tool/category
  • Every subcommand (including administrative subcommands)
  • Special feature overrides (economy, durability, etc.)


Last but not least, VeinMiner's configuration is extremely versatile and flexible to accommodate your server. Create custom tool configs each with their own set of tools or items, their own block lists and their own distinct set of modifiers for players while they're mining. No matter your server, whether you want to use VeinMiner as a donor perk or just as general availability, it can be configured to fit right in.

For an in-depth list of all configuration options provided by VeinMiner, visit the official SpigotMC resource page.

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