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AlchemicalArrows allows your players to craft and shoot custom arrows each with their own unique effects and properties. With over 16 unique arrows provided by default, combat becomes immediately diversified upon installation of your plugin. No special materials are required to craft or shoot these arrows, just a single material, a set of arrows and a regular Minecraft Vanilla bow.

This is a perfect plugin for any PvP or PvE servers to spice up the combat and make ranged weaponry more viable and exciting.


AlchemicalArrows provides administrators with a large variety of in-game commands to give any one of the alchemical arrows or manipulate those that have been shot already by players. All commands are pre-packaged with intelligent tab completion to make its use extremely easy, even if non-default arrows are added by an add-on.

For an in-depth list of all commands and their arguments provided by AlchemicalArrows, visit the official SpigotMC resource page.

Permission Nodes

This plugin aims to be a drag-and-drop solution for most servers whether or not a permission management plugin is installed. While LuckPerms is recommended, by default, all players are able to enjoy this plugin and all the arrows without any additional permissions to be assigned. If you so choose, every aspect of AlchemicalArrows has a permission node including, but not limited to:

  • Whether or not an arrow is craftable or shootable
  • Every subcommand (including administrative subcommands)
  • A special override for WorldGuard protections


Last but not least, AlchemicalArrows' configuration is plentiful and detailed to accommodate your server. Change the colours of every arrow, how much damage they inflict and how strong their in-world and entity-based effects will be applied. No matter your server, whether you want to use AlchemicalArrows as a donor perk or just as general availability, it can be configured to fit right in.

For an in-depth list of all configuration options provided by AlchemicalArrows, visit the official SpigotMC resource page.

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AlchemicalArrows is another plugin made by Choco with a similar set of flexible commands, permissions and configuration options that allow you amplify the PvP experience with thematic arrows with unique effects. AlchemicalArrows integrates perfectly with Alchema and automatically adds recipes for each arrow craftable in Alchema's cauldrons providing players with a more realistic feel. This plugin will fit well for any PvP-based server or even a PvE server where players can fight together with powerful ranged weaponry.

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